Investing in Portishead’s Town Centre

Welcome to our website for the potential redevelopment of the Old Mill Road area of Portishead. This website provides details of draft plans for the proposed improvements Standard Life Investments is looking to deliver for the town.

A transformed Old Mill Road area will create a thriving new part of town and breathe life into the rest of the town centre, encouraging people to stay, spending more time and money in Portishead rather than elsewhere.

The transformation will mean people will have more choice about where they go to shop and relax, providing a real alternative to getting on the motorway to go to Bristol or Cribbs Causeway.

We will achieve this by delivering a combination of:

  • new shops that currently can’t be accommodated in Portishead including new high street brands who have shown an interest
  • a cinema with new restaurants, cafes and bars on the ground floor
  • space for a new gym
  • new commercial and/or community units
  • new homes that will provide greater choice for those wanting to live in the town centre

This will generate hundreds of new jobs, both full time and part time.


The Old Mill Road area has been recognised by North Somerset Council as having the potential to make a greater contribution to the town than it currently does and, in order to achieve this, the Council has identified the site as part of the town centre.

Working with the Portishead community

We particularly recognise the importance of the existing businesses and we will continue to engage with them. As part of this commitment, we’re continuing to work with North Somerset Council to help these businesses find appropriate solutions to their accommodation needs when their leases end in 2019.

Consultation events announced

Saturday 4th Nov
& Thursday 2nd Nov

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