Investing to revitalise Portishead Town Centre

Welcome to our website outlining the proposed transformation of the Old Mill Road site in Portishead. You can find more information here about how this £60 million investment will revitalise the site and establish a thriving new part of Portishead town centre.

The submitted plans will lead to the creation of hundreds of new jobs on site and support even more elsewhere, as well as boosting productivity and generating double the level of business rates contributed to the council.

The local community will benefit from a much wider choice of shops, restaurants and leisure, including a new cinema. This will help retain trade and spend in Portishead and reduce the need for people to travel to neighbouring towns for shopping and entertainment.

We will achieve this by delivering a combination of:

  • new shops that currently can’t be accommodated in Portishead, including national high street brands
  • a cinema with new restaurants, cafes and bars on the ground floor
  • space for a new gym
  • new commercial and/or community units
  • new homes that will provide greater choice for those wanting to live in the town centre

This will generate hundreds of new jobs, both full time and part time.


The Old Mill Road area has been recognised by North Somerset Council as having the potential to make a greater contribution to the town than it currently does and, in order to achieve this, the Council has identifed the site as part of the town centre.

The council’s objectives and expectations for the site, and for development generally, are set out by planning policy. Our outline application demonstrates how our proposal complies with that planning policy, including supporting and strengthening Portishead town centre, delivering economic development and business growth and helping redress an imbalance between houses and jobs.